Thanksgiving, Remembrance and Giving

Each calendar year offers the church help and context for giving, with All Saints’ Day and Thanksgiving. It also coincides with the time most of us are asking people to make a financial pledge to support the annual function and mission of their church. There is an overall, spiritual message of stewardship when you look at both special days together.

  • All Saints’ Day we remember those who we love and are no longer physically with us. Our family, friends, and fellow parishioners. It is also a perfect time to remember those who gave during their lifetime to support a church we have inherited and love. Maybe we didn’t know them personally, but they have impacted our lives. Some even made a planned gift upon their death to continue to support their church. We should remember and give thanks.
  • Thanksgiving Day is dedicated to giving thanks! What a perfect holiday. As Christians we are called to give back to God, with thanksgiving, for all we have received in our lives. We are not called to figure out how much of a budget we should be responsible for in comparison to others. We are asked to give in comparison to our own life’s values- what is important to us- what we are grateful for!

This Thanksgiving think about what you are grateful for, who you are grateful for and who you see no longer but give thanks for the lives they lived. Remember all and give thanks.

And of course, church leadership must remember to thank those who give so that we may continue to live, worship, and serve together- in community.

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