Leadership and Fundraising

How YOU can model leadership in fundraising?

For everything, there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. Ecclesiates 3:1

Lead by planning

  • Create a compelling fundraising plan that reaches all members of the congregation 
  • Involve new faces who can bring new ideas and energy to your efforts,
  • Try something new in your fundraising campaign. How about a ‘money minute’ homily?
  • Include online giving options to attract new members and those who joined online services during the pandemic

Lead with a Vision

  • Is your vision for the future Spirit-centered, future-focused and inclusive?
  • Be articulate about WHY you personally support the vision 
  • Find ways to share the vision with everyone. Do you teach children the value of giving?
  • Does your plan include ways of talking about money with those unfamiliar with stewardship?

Lead by Giving

  • Always make your own gift first after prayerful reflection
  • Try to increase the amount you give from the previous year
  • Be clear that giving includes time, talent and treasure
  • Invite everyone who is part of your community to give, no matter the size of their gift 
  • How easy for people of all generations to give in ways that speak to them? 

Lead with Prayer and Thanksgiving

  • Center your stewardship work in prayer, expressed in both corporate and personal prayer
  • Do you value the giver?  Thank every giver in various ways for all their gifts
  • Ask God’s blessing on the gifts and pledges received on a specific day of celebration
  • Make it FUN for everyone, through a shared meal, acknowledgement or special event
  • Have you challenged people to find joy in giving their resources to do God’s work?