Arise and Shine, Stewardship Team!

The Annual Giving Campaign is over –

A new budget year has begun.

What’s next in promoting gratitude,

or is “stewardship” over and done?


Dear God, what other ways can we reach

someone sitting in a pew,

To help her see that what she has

Has really come from You?


To help her explore and understand

The riches of your grace

And contemplate your Holy Spirit’s

way of finding us in this place.


“Stewardship” is so much more

than asking as the budget guides

It’s a ministry meant to deepen faith,

inspiring trust in how God provides.


There are many ways to speak to this

And not just for today’s brief living

It’s good to explain that gratitude to God

Can leave a legacy through planned giving.


So arise, shine, faithful stewardship teams –

There is joy, hope and gratitude to be found.

Be intentional about finding ways

To keep your ministry strong year ‘round.


And if you’d like some help or ideas

for stewardship ministry to make new gains

We’ll customize a plan for you – it’s what we do –

at Core Capital Campaigns.

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