Core Capital Campaigns

Continuing God-Centered Consulting for Communities of Faith


Core Capital Campaigns is a collaboration of three experienced church consultants offering a proven methodology for successful, faith-focused capital campaigns to fund a congregation’s vision. Core provides customized strategies, professional training, fundraising tools and prayerful encouragement to take the bold steps needed to realize your vision.

“We are excited to offer our consulting services as a supportive team. Core Capital Campaigns will allow us to share our individual gifts and experience with clients and give us the opportunity to collaborate and innovate together to better respond to the needs of a changing church. We understand the challenges of discerning a path forward, and we know from experience that every faith community can be transformed by a shared, hope filled vision that emerges through the process of a successful capital campaign. Where is God calling you today? We want to hear your story. We can offer perspective and discuss how our strategic, spirit-centered approach can guide you in funding your vision.”

Linda Buskirk

Leslie G. Pendleton

Maurice J. Seaton, CFRE